From the guy who brought us the "Shin Megami Tensei series," Kouji Okada takes us on an adventure through seven mysterious realms breaching the lines between the human world and the netherworld. "Folklore" features two main characters with dual stories that are closely connected. Ellen, 22 years old, searches for answers and finds herself in the town of Doolin when she receives a letter from her supposedly dead mother. Keats, a 27-year old journalist for an occult magazine, receives a phone call from an unknown female asking for help. Ellen and Keats first encounter at Doolin sets forth their magical adventure with discovered special powers and odd encounters.

Story, story, story -- the most important aspect that either makes or breaks the game. For "Folklore," it definitely made it. The game has the perfect formula that equivalences to one heck of a game: a melodic
piano-filled soundtrack, a crew of great cast members, a unique interconnected storyline, crisp animation, interesting gameplay giving for a long lasting appeal, and innovative fighting mechanics.

Ask anyone who has picked up "Folklore" of their thoughts and no doubt you will hear praises and cheers of satisfaction. "Folklore" is outstanding -- finally a game that lives up to aims of innovation.

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