Makoto Konno Pinky:st Figure

Makoto Konno, Pinky Street style, from The Girl Who Leapt through Time," is finally released and arrived at my doorstep this afternoon. As described in my earlier posts, 2 version of the Tokikake figure have been release, one donning Makoto with her red bicycle and the second showcasing Makoto brandishing a baseball bat. A Chara-Ani exclusive, each figure is retailed at about 1,500 yen.

Though if you do not live in Japan and/or did not preorder your figure ahead of time, be prepared to pay about 5 times more than that, if you're lucky to find one.

Just staring at this figure make me want to watch it again (...won't you join me Gendo? :P and maybe we can add a little "Kikujiro" in the mix?) It's time for some karaoke!

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Gendo said...

O yeah, i would love to join you Rei..."a little Kikujiro in the mix"?, ok, it's fine for me ;) Aaaa, i feel nostalgic suddenly...