Anime: Drawing a Revolution

If you didn't watch the Starz premiere of "Anime: Drawing of a Revolution" last night, here's what you missed. An hour-long documentary, "Anime: Drawing a Revolution" looks at anime in America and its impact on live-action movies.

Anime in America has definitely made long strides since its first inception via Astro Boy and Speed Racer. However, it is by no means understood by all Americans. The power of anime still alludes many, but be that as it may, that status can be quite advantageous. Regardless, this documentary takes an Anime 101 approach and as a whole, is borderline average to above average. It covers the basic elements and essentials of anime culture, but in the views that don't really encapsulate the culture. Nevertheless, it does paint some sort of picture to those not fully versed in the scene, whether they be perfectly accurate or not.

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