Tokyo Majin Vol. 1

The streets of Tokyo have become littered with waves of mysterious deaths involving zombie-like occurrences. And with it stands the last line of defense -- an odd group of high school students consisting of the slacker, the president of the student council, the transfer student, the archer, and the wrestler, each with their own powers.

The series starts with rather disjointed scenes and after the first episode, the basic plotlines of the series begin to merge. However, the story and script continues to be rigid and inconsistent. The only thing pulling for it is the nice undertones of the soundtrack, depicting appropriate ambience of horror and suspense. While this series is not too different from other supernatural stories, there may not be enough to keep you watching. Mediocre plot, average character development, less than average dub quality, and little staying power, "Tokyo Majin" stands as an average series better worth renting than buying. Nevertheless, at 12 episodes, it can be a nice treat for the casual viewer.

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