Square Enix's Teaser Counts Down to Bahamut

I just have to say...Square Enix, you've got me intrigued. Though we'll have to wait till the countdown ends, this wickedly awesome artwork of the dragon we all know too well is simply spectacular -- you have to see it for yourself. Could it be the sequel or remake of the popular Super Nintendo/Famicom game "Bahamut Lagoon?" "Blood of Bahamut" was trademarked a little while ago. And the all too familiar music has got me feeling genuinely nostalgic. But I'll have to contain my excitement until I find out what console(s) we're talking about. Come on Square Enix, show some love to Sony. [Source: Kotaku]

Update (11/17/2008): Okay, well I knew it was too good to be true, but here's the trailer to a new Japanese RPG for the DS. The trailer looks nice, but going with the artwork alone, it would've been great to do something more like bringing it to the PS3 and show off its gorgeous visuals and gameplay. Oh well...

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