Mirror's Edge

"Mirror's Edge" for the PS3 is interesting to say the least -- in it's attempt at a new game experience. However, it may throw off some users with it's trial and error design. Faith is a runner, who are basically underground couriers that deliver sensitive and confidential information from client to client. The actual story revolves around Faith and her attempts to clear her sister's name, a cop who has been framed for murder.

You literally run, leap, and hurdle across roof tops and through buildings in this first-person game. The visuals are absolutely striking. Scenarios differ a bit with some taking several attempts to complete. Again, it's trial and error, but once you get a feel for it and are able to get the combos and tricky moves somewhat down, it should prove for a nice gaming experience. The combat aspect is not very polished - you can disarm sometimes, but like I said, it's an interesting game.

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