Crawling out the Blackhole of Exhaustion

As some of you may know or have come to realize, I've been out of town on business, almost immediately after Anime USA (con coverage still coming soon, I promise). It's been hectic even after I came back from the conference and with a new promotion, my schedule has been consumed.

But slowly and surely, I intend to write my heart out. Thanks to everyone for sticking and bearing with me. I've done some back-logging, as I started many entries in my hotel room but never completed them. My progress has been lagging, but I'm almost there.

I've been overwhelmed and exhausted from 16-hour days and no room to finally take a break. It's obvious that I'm in need of the only medicine that can remedy this ailment -- anime, manga, and some quality time on my gaming chair. So look out for more reviews and goodness. *cue Misato fan-service preview closing*

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