Oldboy Remake

Apparently, Director Steven Spielberg and Will Smith have been brainstorming about a possible collaboration to remake Chan-wook Park's ingenious 2003 film "Oldboy." The film was adapted from Garon Tsuchiya and Nobuaki Minegishi's manga published here by Dark Horse Comics. Okay, I just don't understand it. First of all, the movie isn't that old - by no means does its age warrant a remake. Secondly, as I try to contain my frustration, "Oldboy" was amazing, perfect, innovative, and incredible. Why, oh why, should we even be having this discussion? I don't get it.

All this talk about live action remakes is infuriating. Ghost in the Shell? Evangelion? Akira? Ninja Scroll? Need I bring up Speed Racer?? Arghh! And speaking of Akira and Ninja Scroll, Leonardo DiCaprio is in the ranks to produce these live actions. Sorry, perhaps I'm just being too narrow-minded, but if you're the big fan of anime as you say you are, wouldn't you be on "our" side? You're taking titles that has lend itself as the root and origin of anime and compromising its grandeur stature. You're saying there are die hard loyal fans that would support this, but here's one die hard fan that isn't jumping with glee. In fact, I wouldn't be this enraged if I didn't already have the highest respect, admiration, and devotion for these titles.


Anonymous said...

Man, these live actions are ruining everything. . .like that Dragonball Live movie.

If they're gonna do a movie like that, they should of make it like that CG Final Fantasy:Advent Children one instead.

Sabira said...

My thoughts exactly!! And yes, if you're itching to remake/adapt an anime then a CG like Advent, if done properly, would work.