Resistance 2

When it comes to sequels of already awesome games, I get a bit nervous. You don't want the integrity of the title to be compromised whatsoever, so execution is a big deal. I was optimistic, however, as I anxiously unwrapped "Resistance 2" Collector's Edition. And to put it simply -- Resistance 2 is all you could ever want in a sequel. It's bigger, better, fast-paced and totally expanded down to the tiniest detail. It's a lot more of everything...a whole lot!

Nathan Hale is back and the Chimera are still unrelenting. Starting off with the single-player campaign, you can immediately see the glory of R2, excellent graphics, huge battles and an interactive environment that goes beyond expectations. If anything, it's the wide range of bosses/enemies, in regards to variation and ability, and the rich expansive environment that represents the amplitude of the game. Sure the actual campaign story is less than stellar (this is about the only negative thing I have to say about R2), but the experience makes up for it. The campaign is challenging and a good length - definitely makes you work for victory. And the slew of weapons available is an added bonus.

But as was true with "Resistance: Fall of Man," the real champion of R2 is it's online gameplay via the Cooperative and Competitive modes. In cooperative mode, up to eight players team up together to completel a series of objectives. It's hard to describe the experience but it is truly fast-pased, high-action, adrenaline pumping, and engaging. Just like the varying skills and abilities of bosses, the objectives can vary from moderate to ultra challenging calling for sound teamwork. R2 is truly amazing and the scale of the game is too grand to summarize in one entry. If you never got into "Resistance: Fall of Man," R2 begs you to reconsider.

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