MPD Psycho Vol. 6

It's been a year since Kazuhiko Amamiya disappeared, and Machi remains faithfully confident that he will return. But Machi has problems of her own -- the stalker from her past resurfaces. However not all is as it seems. What's the connection with Miwa and the Gakuso society? This is the volume die hard fans have been waiting for.

Straying away from the blood and gore of dismemberments and decapitations, Volume 6 pushes the plot on high gear, finally giving long-time fans a clearer and developed plot -- in short, answers and huge revelations. Otsuka outdoes himself stuffing a single volume with so much greatness. Transfer of multiple personalities and the theory of complements are demonstrated jump-starting the original ecstasy fans felt the first time they picked up MPD Psycho.

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