LittleBigPlanet is finally here making its PS3-exclusive debut a huge hit. Anticipations have been escalating ever since the first pics of its infamous SackBoy arrived and LBP exceeds expectations as a highly imaginative and innovative game. As you start the game, it is evident that LBP got it right - that's including of course in the narration as well as the musical score. You find yourself thrust upon a wide world of creation, seemingly limitless creation - an ability to customize your character and not to mention your background. There's even a photo option that allows you do use your own pictures or photos you've taken in the game, and convert them to stickers to place in your surroundings.

Gameplay is set up in such a way that you'll find yourself playing it over and over again. And if you'd like to use up more of your creative juices, you can create your own levels. I find this feature to be quite innovative, but building a wholly functional and exciting level may take some planning and time for those not to savvy in those respects.

Nevertheless, LBP is incredibly addictive and is anything but monotonous. Though story mode may be a bit short, you'll want to make several return visits to grab all the stickers and decorations. There are also several 2-player only sections, so you'll want to grab a friend to get all the goodies. The fun doesn't end there as LBP's online capabilities are well developed. I've logged in countless times now and have never experienced any lag. Though when you start getting 4 people playing at once, the camera can get quite cumbersome, but it's nothing too tragic.

LPB is too cute for its own good and the visual clarity boosts that aspect even more. Not only can you customize what your SackBoy or SackGirl sports, but you can also change its facial expressions. I count 12 expressions of sad, happy, nervous, and angry. I don't know about you, but I can't imagine a Kratos SackBoy who is constantly smiling. And speaking of SackBoy costumes, here's a look at some downloadble costumes coming in the near future.

UPDATE (10/30/2008): "Launch" Spacesuit and Halloween Mask will be available for free from Nov. 6-19. Seasonal, Limited Time Only and Community Costumes will be free. Regular SackBoy costumes will cost 99 cents each and Premium SackBoys which include Solid Snake and Sephiroth will cost $1.99 each. Bundles will also be available.

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