Fallout 3 Ads in DC

When I got off the train at Metro Center Station in DC, I was excited with what my eyes perceived. The coolest collection of "Fallout 3" ads were all over the station. After I checked out all the posters and next immediate thoughts were on how to get my hands on at least one of them. That would be killer. My best friend must have thought the same thing, because I later found out that she talked to almost half a dozen station managers to get me one, but was unsuccessful in the end.

So you can imagine my amazement when negative remarks started surfacing over the Fallout 3 ads and their depiction of a war-ravaged DC. The first few I heard, I just glossed over. Sure there will always be the few that won't be too happy with this. But this is ridiculous and has gotten way out of hand. In a recent letter to the editor in The Washington Post, yet another metro rider who's not too keen with the ads wrote that the Fallout 3 ads are so disturbing that they should be taken down.
"The people of our city do not need a daily reminder that Washington is a prime target for an attack. We do not need a daily reminder of what our worst fears look like."
This gets me so angry and each day I go to work and see the ads, I only wish I could enjoy them to the fullest. Go Fallout 3!! Kotaku author Owen Good, gets to the heart of my argument perfectly. First of all, these advertisements are part of a contract and help ensure that me and all the other metro riders don't have to pay an insane amount of money to ride the train. But hell, maybe I'm the only one who doesn't care if fares keep increasing. And, I highly doubt the WMATA would want to break their contract. People, it's an ad for a video game. Just "because someone chooses to see it as 'a reminder of what our worst fears look like,' doesn't make it that. It's the same culture-of-fear garbage retailed by our government to the mainstream media for the past seven years, and I'm sick and tired of it." Utterly ridiculous! [Source: Kotaku]

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