First Look at Ninokuni

What do you get when you combine the RPG powerhouse, Level 5 (Professor Layton, Dark Cloud), with the genius of Ghibli Animation (Totoro, Princess Mononoke)? You get one magnificent looking game that is sure to attract crowds.

Entitled "Ninokuni: The Another World," you play as a 13-year-old boy whose mother has died because of his actions. One day, a fairy appears before the boy and gives him a book which promises to lead him to the mysterious world of Ni no Kuni. In this parallel world, which exists in a different time frame from the real world, the boy attempts to save his mother. Players will be able to travel between both worlds and will meet characters that also exist in the parallel world. This past Tokyo Game Show brought us an awesome look at the box set (crossing my fingers that the set makes it to the U.S.) and an amazing trailer.

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