Kieli Volume 1

Noticing that my manga list was running a bit short - can't recall that ever happening - and as I was getting ready to leave for a business trip (currently working and exhausted), a certain manga caught my eye. "Kieli" is about a 14-year-old girl with the ability to see ghosts. Her grandmother passed away some time ago, which left her at a boarding school where she's a bit of an outcast. Her only friend is the semi-departed spirit of a girl who used to inhabit her room. Kieli's life changes drastically when she encounters a young man who appears to share Kieli’s “gift.”

But thing's aren't as they seem, as she discovers that Harvey is a bit different from her. He is one of the Undying. Eighty years ago, a race of immortal soldiers, known as the Undying, were crafted from the corpses of the battlefield, to fight a bloody war. Since then, Harvey has roamed the world. Kieli, Harvey, and his possessed radio, are set for an adventure. "Kieli" was a surprising treat. A bit of "Kino" meets "Bleach" (in tone, at least), the story already has a nice collection of characters with very different personalities. Volume 1 ends with a lot of potential. The mood seems a bit light-hearted and comedic, and this element makes it an interesting complement to the dark and serious backstory. Looks like "Kieli" is definitely another one to add to my manga list.

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