MGS4 Guns of the Patriots OST

The Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Original Soundtrack proves once again that the partnership of Metal Gear and Harry Gregson-Williams perpetuates a mark of perfection! Glancing at the 47 song titles, spread over 2 discs, one can only imagine how the game will play out come June 12th.

The first track, "Old Snake," with its melodic undertones paint an almost picturesque chronicle, if you will, of Snake's long journey and his eminent future. "Love Theme" has been featured in many of the MGS4 trailers played countless times. Hideo's lyrics are exceptionally beautiful. Subdued, yet bold, depicting a tragic life of war. Nostalgia and tears will surely follow, at least that was the case for me, when I first experienced "Metal Gear Saga" (and that's saying a lot coming from a girl who can count the number of times she's actually cried). Gorgeously arranged, the perfect saga song simultaneously honoring the old and triumphs, bringing closure, yet paving the way for something new. Other noteworthy tracks include "Father & Son," "Sorrow," "Screaming Mantis," and oh, who am I kidding, all the songs are great.

While there may not be one obvious main theme song, it looks like there's a collection of them instead. But there is one cool track entitled "Guns of the Patriots." The tracks are mixed with different sounds, plateaus, and peaks, yet they share interconnecting themes. There is no questioning that this is a MGS soundtrack. The perfect MGS4 soundtrack to what may be the best metal gear game ever.

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