DBZ x One Piece = Cross Epoch

Whether this is common knowledge or not, "One Piece" Eiichiro Oda and "Dragon Ball Z" Akira Toriyama joined forces to create a short manga called "Cross Epoch." Despite the cool cast, this manga just wasn't my cup of tea. But nevertheless, Banpresto brings us hybrid figurines and needless to say, Goku in Luffy's outfit is quite impressive. Given all the DBZ figures that have surfaced over almost 2 decades, this is by far the best looking Goku figure I've seen.

Other cosplay figures include Luffy and Nami wearing Goku's Gi and Bulma also sporting Luffy's red vest and blue jeans. Luffy and Goku will be released in November, and Nami and Bulma in December.

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ismaelkf said...

WWoooooWW this is going to be amazing !! i love it !!