MPD-Psycho Vol. 5

After last volume's surprising betrayal and bloodbath, Amamiya-the multiple personality detective of the Isono Criminal Research Lab-faces new threats from the young "Lucy 7" deviants! In the midst of new murderous messes, bumbling Detective Sasayama finds himself in a criminal profiler contest fueled by the Japanese media. An American profiler arrives to work on a decade-old serial killer case at an elementary school, but the real group that he represents and his ultimate goals are as mysterious as MPD-Psycho's huge "barcode puzzle." The Gakuso Society pulls some strings, the American begins to hunt down children, and this volume of MPD-Psycho promises to be the most titillating and confusing yet--but you'll love the ride! Jump on, as more players enter the fray and more inventive atrocities abound.

Volume 5 cranks up the already maxed out volume setting. If you thought more twists wouldn't be possible, then you'd be wrong. Very wrong. And as Amamiya inches closer to unraveling the mystery behind the Gakuso Society and the "barcode" puzzle, he seems to be past the point of no return. The events of Volume 5 pave the way for ongoing mayhem and atrocities. It proves that it's not over yet, not by a long shot.

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