MGS4 World Tour 2008: Paris, France

"Why do you enjoy the MGS saga?"

That was one of the questions raised by staff to Metal Gear fans in line, waiting to meet Hideo Kojima. Yes, I made it, I finally get to meet Kojima-san. And this time, FNAC did a great job, unlike 3 years ago. They made every effort to ensure that the event ran under the best conditions and that every single person would walk away with an autograph safely in hand: closed meeting, “only” 300 invitations, perfect timing to D-day…nothing else to add except, bravo! After 1 hour of waiting, during which fans continued with the staff’s Q&A session, we finally entered a small room heated by the hoard of fans anxiously waiting for one thing: Master Kojima himself. The latest MGS4 trailer is displayed later to be followed by euphoria and cheers as Hideo Kojima, Yoji Shinkawa, and Yumi Kikuchi enter the room.

Kojima greets the crowd, “Bonjour Paris,” and after a small speech and presentation of his crew, it was down to the serious business – the autograph session itself. The intensity and excitement grew as the MGS4 soundtrack played in the background. It’s been a good 3 years of waiting and in a mere couple of minutes, I’d have my prize. Then came my turn, my eyes fixed and focused moreso on Kojima than the others, hihi. After a few words are exchanged, my MGS artbook was 3 autographs heavy…Joy.

Words can’t describe how it felt to have met 3 major talented artists, to be just 5cm before the grand Kojima, and to have shaken hands with him no less!! It’s an experience I will remember my whole life.

Contrary to what I have heard here and there on other similar events, the autograph session in Paris was rather friendly and open. They were not reluctant to sign any one piece of media and allowed photographs the entire time. As I left the scene, even if I didn’t have the conversation of a century with Kojima, this short meeting confirmed my initial thoughts of him – someone smiling, simple, nice and available (as was the entire staff).

So, why do I love the MGS saga? Maybe because this series is extremely rare in that it arouses emotions that no other game is able to. Because his universe, its content, its history represents an incredible wealth: more than just a game, a magisterial work. The work of a genius visionary. Et là, tout est dit.

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Sabira said...

Reading this made me wish I was able to tag along with you even more...aah Kojima!