First Yamato Figure Gallery Statue

Yamato USA has revealed its first Fantasy Figure Gallery PVC sculpture, a modern "Mona Lisa" known as Akira (no relation to Otomo’s manga or anime) sculpted by Plant-jzero Moekichi after the fantasy painting by Dorian Cleavenger. The figure of Akira, which stands over 10 and one-half inches high (15 inches tall with her ornamental staff), is the result of over ten years of work by Yamato to overcome the limitations of PVC statues. The Akira figure should be available in the direct market in December.

With advanced mold engineering, PAD printing, and stringent quality control Yamato claims to have solved the problems that have long plagued PVC figures: shrinkage, deformation, and unsightly parting lines. The Akira figure is constructed out of over 100 separate pieces and features more than 400 paint applications. The result is a resin quality statue with a subtle enigmatic expression that has an MSRP of $98.

Yamato’s Fantasy Figure Gallery features a number of interesting East/West collaborations including Luis Royo’s Medusa sculpted by Shungo Yazawa, Dorian Clevenger’s Akira fashioned by Plant-jzero Moekichi, and Boris Vallejo’s Monica’s Axe sculpted by Heavy Gauge’s Tobe. [Source: ICV2]

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