Anime Category in Jeopardy

I don't watch "Jeopardy" anymore, but it looks like this week's episode was worth watching, at least to commemorate a first in American trivia game shows. The Double Jeopardy round included an entire category devoted to anime entitled "We Have Met the Anime." The last 2 questions stumped the contestants, but these should be a cinch for all anime fans.

[$400] This anime show didn't start on TV, its characters were first part of Nintendo's "Pocket Monsters": POKEMON

[$800] This classic 5-letter anime film isn't named for director Kurosawa but rather a boy who destroys Tokyo: AKIRA

[$1200] In this anime TV series, Bumblebee turned into a VW Bug; in the 2007 live-action movie, he got upgraded to a Camaro: TRANSFORMERS

[$1600] This "lunar" Naoko Takeuchi creation is an example of a "magical girl" given powers to save the world: SAILOR MOON

[$2000] One of the highest-grossing films in Japanese history is the anime film about this title 14th c. princess: PRINCESS MONONOKE

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Elise said...

Aww, I can't believe I missed that! I rarely do good at Jeopardy, but I could've gotten those! Dammit...