Kojima Returns to Paris

Hot off the press -- "Metal Gear Solid" creator Hideo Kojima will be making a rather special and momentous appearance in Paris, France to promote his little game some of you may know as "Metal Gear Solid 4." Excuse me while I try not to hyperventilate. Joining Kojima at FNAC Forum in Les Halles on June 9th will be none other than MGS illustrator Yoji Shinkawa "!" Attendees need only need arm themselves with an "invitation," which will be available on June 2nd at FNAC.

Sure, this isn't Kojima's first special appearance outside of Japan. But I've never been able to be at the right place at the right time. Mind you, this is no different - I will be nowhere near Paris at this time. But our very own new contributor, Reza, has the privilege of being in the neighborhood where this unprecedented event is taking place, so close to the MGS4 worldwide release. So be sure to check out his coverage as it happens! As it turns out, 3 years ago on a cold day after the release of MGS3 in Europe, Kojima made an appearance FNAC Paris St-Lazarre, but left a hundreds of people outside (including Reza) in the cold, waiting for hours, and leaving with nothing. Kojima later promised he would be back in France soon publicly apologizing on Game One channel. After 3 years, Kojima stands true to his word. It's round 2, Reza! Now once again, please excuse me, it's time for this girl to get her blood pressure at a manageable level. [Source: JeuxVideo]

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