Mizu no Kotoba

Yes, I know...this isn't a new release. In fact, it's 6 years old now. And I'm surprised this remained below my radar until just the other day -- so much more so at the fact that this style is right up my alley. "Mizu no Kotoba" (or "Aquatic Language") is a short 9-minute animated special that, after thinking about it, would make a nice addition to the "Genius Party" line-up. Very philosphical in nature, "Mizu no Kotoba" takes place one evening at a cafe and follows the conversations of the groups of people present. Two girls gossip, two guys debate, a lone girl is busy reading a slew of books, and a guy is sulking after breaking up with his girlfriend. The story is initiated when the cafe's waitress starts chatting with the broken-hearted guy. From there, interesting and unusual things occur.

There's not much more I can say without revealing the interconnectivity and logic behind it all. To say the least, "Mizu no Kotoba" is a unique, fresh take on the philosophy of language. I always enjoy the implementation of subdued, monotoned animation within the overal plot, and this was no exception. Sound quality and animation superbly complements the story and underlying motive. I'm glad I caught it when I did...well, better late than never.

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Darknives said...

Seems awesome, my kind of anime too. Gonna watch it.
Cool blog by the way, I'll be linking to you, take care.