MGS4 Press Conference & Videos Galore

The "Metal Gear Solid 4" press conference in Roppongi Hills marked the official completion of the title! Numerous goodies were presented on the big screen, including several ads and the MGS4 opening scene.

Hideo Kojima was on hand to talk about the game. The game was difficult to make and took a long time to finish. Some challenges presented included the PS3 hardware, HD game, the worldwide release, and the fact that this was the last game in the series. "I thought about giving up," says Kojima. "But I had to finish it for the fans.", Kojima also played some MGS4 for about forty minutes [Source: Kotaku].

The dirt? Well, the game will go on sale as scheduled and will be accompanied by big advertising campaigns and tie-ups. There is also word on customizable weapons and Octocamo, and an in-game store to purchase guns. And remember that "Assassin's Creed" April Fool's joke? Well, players will be able to dress Snake up in his very own Altair outfit. I kid you not.

And now for some videos...

The theatrical trailer is beautifully done, very official feeling. The fittingly nice blend of cutscenes and gameplay does a great job of inticing every gamer out there.

The ad for Regain energy drink, which goes on sale in Japan starting June 10th, shows Old Snake drinking the energy drink and becoming young and revitalized. Other ads include a cat and another with a cellphone.

And, as for the opening sequence of MGS4, what else can I say, except perfection. With less than a month to go, anticipation is at an all time high.

Lastly, Game Videos has posted the first 10 minutes of MGS4 gameplay. Very, very tempting - I can't stress enough. I myself have not hit the "play" button, but if you feel so inclined to do so, I leave the decision up to you.

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