Brave Story Movie

Due to the regional and physical restraints of living in the U.S., I had been unable to catch the anime adaptation of Miyuki Miyabe's "Brave Story." With the manga, novel, and video games finally making its way over vast oceans, I project that the U.S. DVD release is not too far off. But having finished the 800-page novel just last month, I couldn't wait any longer for the anime. So I gave up waiting for the U.S. release and opted instead and sought pursuit for the Japanese DVD release. Although I was unable to find the collector's box edition released back in 2006, as luck would have it, the limited edition version included English subtitles!

Referencing my previous review of the "Brave Story" novel (see 9/29/2007 post), we follow a story of a young boy who sets off on a journey in the hopes of changing his destiny and thereby eradicating his "false fate." While the novel doesn't hold back a thing, the movie does. But fortunate for us, it doesn't bring doom. The novel features mature undertones and delivers an incredibly in-depth story that any adult would appreciate. The movie, on the other hand, is definitely a one-size-fits-all movie. Very light-hearted and dream-like, your viewing experience depends greatly on whether or not you've read the original work. If you're going into this with no background whatsoever, you are, nevertheless, in for a delightful treat. If you are armed with "plot power," the movie is an excellent supplement to the novel.

And while we're on the subject, Kotobukiya has released a nice set of "Brave Story" PVC figures. Released figures include Wataru, Mitsuru, Kee Keema, Meena, and other fellow Highlanders.

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