Today was the day I'd see the genius pairing of SAW IV and X JAPAN. After an awesome psychological roller coaster ride and an ending that left you exasperating for more, the closing credits began to roll. And as viewers gradually made their way out of the theater, I sat in complete jubilation in unshed tears of joy as a surge of memories came pouring out the moment I hear the voice of TOSHI. X JAPAN's "I.V." theme song remains true to themselves and their unique style. I felt as though I was floating in a vast chasm and everything around me went obsolete.

As SAW IV producer Oren Koules put it perfectly, "the band's dark sensibility makes X JAPAN a perfect creative complement to the 'SAW' series." As stated in the press release: I.V. is introduced by a few tense piano notes that quickly spawn a double-kick-drum-fueled rampage. Appropriately sinister verses give way to a gorgeous, dramatic chorus bearing the lyrics, “I’m calling you, dear/ Can’t you see me standing right here/ Life is bleeding from fear/ I’ll give it straight from my vein.” Simply perfection.

"I.V." will not be included in the SAW IV soundtrack, but in the meantime, you can enjoy a clip of X JAPAN's song, which can be found in the Official SAW IV Soundtrack website, or you can simply watch the movie again. One hopes an OST re-release or single release will be made.

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