GOW: Battle of Attica Demo

I was having a pretty crummy day, or week for that matter. And all it took to change it was one small, tiny and unexpected package in the mail to turn it all around, even for the briefest moments. It was my special copy of the "God of War: Chains of Olympus" Battle of Attica demo for the PSP. The packaging was beautifully done and quite compact, which was surprising given the fact that this was "just a demo." Along with the game, the package also included a nice quality collector's item -- a cell phone strap with the easily recognizable GOW omega symbol. Very nice, indeed.

This demo was phenomenally sweet and definitely delivers, giving players a taste of the awesomeness that will arrive early next year. "Chains of Olympus" undoubtedly lives up to the franchise and gives us a whole lot of what we like best. The transition from the standalone console and the portable console is almost flawless. The PSP graphics are just a tad lower in degree of quality and the sound quality is just about he same. Nevertheless GOW: Chains of Olympus is sure to serve quite a punch.

The Battle of Attica demo includes two battle bosses reminiscent of what we are used to already. Movement and action, and the transition from cinematic sequences and gameplay is still fluid, but after pulling the same combos, it may start to feel a little repetitious. This will most likely be remedied for the full version.

While nothing new is put on the table, as I've said before, "Chains of Olympus" makes a nice addition and the storyline meshes beautifully with the entire franchise. It makes you damn right proud to be a Spartan. Kratos, hang in there, Zeus will get his due soon! But in the mean time, it doesn't hurt to visit your roots.

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