Freedom Vol. 2

Continuing the 6-part series of "Freedom," Volume 2 does little more than tease us even further. While I may not to be able to strongly state that this should have been released as a 1 or 2-part movie until the series is complete, I doubt I will recant this thought.

Be that as it may, the 24 minutes of animation was spectacular for what it was. True to its high-def self, visual and sound quality is just as crisp as ever. The story of Takeru and the people of the Lunar Republic of Eden is unfolding and a potentially great story is being developed. There is still not enough there to review without spoiling the episode. A mysterious photograph, leads Takeru and crew on a mission that reveals the shocking truth. Before they know it, they are soon pursued by spherically transforming robots.

Whether or not they head back to safety, you'll have to wait for Volume 3. I felt the same emotions at the end of Volume 1 as I did this time around. They literally "cease transmission" at the apex of the series. If you are not already hooked with "Freedom" after Volume 1, Volume 2 probably won't be much incentive to continue the series. However, the same can be said for the opposite. If Volume 2 is sitting on your shelves right now, it is highly likely you'll see "Freedom" to the end. I know I will.

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