Winners of "I, Otaku" Contest Announced

The winners of the "I, Otaku: Are you an Otaku?" contest have just been posted. A husband and wife win the grand prize by each entering one half of their collection. They will share an original full color "I, Otaku" illustration, drawn and signed by series creator Jiro Suzuki, as well as 10 of the latest Seven Seas manga. A special first place prize was created which landed the winner with 5 manga titles.

As you may know, I entered in this contest myself, having quite a struggle at choosing only two views. Having now seen the winners' collection, I wouldn't be surprised if I would have grabbed the win had my whole collection been out. But hey, on the up side of things, I did win the runner-up prize, along with 8 other otaku!!! For your viewing pleasure, the pics I entered can be found below.

Check out the entire list of winners and pictures of the 3 "first prize" winners at gomanga.com.

GRAND PRIZE: Frank and Kim Bullock
SPECIAL 1st PRIZE: Lori Lancaster
RUNNER-UP: Matthew V. Arra; Alissa N. Babineau; Krystal Ditty; Shannon Gilstrap; Brian Hall Jr. ; Eric Mertz; Sabira Mohamed; Judi Weiershauser; Joshua Welker.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I even got to be a runner up XD


Rei said...

Congrats Shannon! I'd love to see/post your entry. Email me at Rei1982@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Wow. So clean yet a whole new level of just...oh my god... that I could never handle.