Brave Story Novel

We've all heard the expression: "Don't judge a book by its cover." I can't think of any other title that truly culminates this statement. The "Brave Story" novel has been adapted into manga and anime, and whether or not you jumped into any of these media, the novel will definitely come as quite a shocker.

What first looks like a children's fantasy story, especially with the vague book description and cover, turns out to be so much more. First of all, I didn't expect to receive a 800-page book that can sit right along side with the "Harry Potter" books. The underlying tones are incredibly developed leading the reader into an emotional journey of morals and human behavior. It is an instant classic. Its message can be different depending to the reader and their age, but "Brave Story" is definitely a book that the older crowd should consider reading. Its philosophical demeanor gives you another outlook in life and transcends it.

Wataru's life has just been turned upside down with recent events. As he desperately seeks a way to change his destiny, the door to "Vision" opens to invite him to do just that. Elements of morality, destiny, and fate are explored, as Wataru ventures into an RPG-like fantasy. Brandishing only a sword, Wataru treks through unknown territories to fight for his life.

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