MGS 4 Trailer Transcript

Before the newest MGS 4 trailer arrives tomorrow, IGN provides us with the english transcript of said trailer. So let your imaginations run wild. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kojima definitely has a knack for toying with our minds and hearts.

Naomi: ... That's why Liquid has me helping him hijack the System. Because I know how FOXDIE works. Please, you must rescue me. Preparations for his insurrection are nearly complete. There's no time to waste. Snake, hurry!
Ed: There's twenty of them. And they're not from that PMC, Praying Mantis, either.
(Metal Gear 20th Anniversary)
Ed: It's the FROGS.
Meryl: Their guys are with Liquid's private army. Shoot first, think later. We'll change the route as necessary. I'm on point. Got it? Eye contact.
("Final Chapter of the MG Saga")
Meryl: The nanomachine network inside each unit member's body lets us share each other's senses. With SOP, my team can literally operate as one. So, what do you think? Is your age of heroes finally over?
("Final Mission of Snake")
Snake: I'm no hero. Never was. Never will be.
("Finally, Everything Will Be Revealed!")
Snake: You haven't changed at all, Snake.
Drebin: Pretty sweet, huh? Whoa, hold it. Watch where you're pointing that thing.
Snake: Who are you?
Drebin: Neither enemy, nor friend. I'm a weapons wholesaler -- all shapes, all sizes. All you see here has been laundered.: I take ID guns like the PMCs use and make some mods. Then you can use 'em without having to match IDs. In other words, I'm a gun launderer. You can call me, Drebin.
("Metal Gear Solid 4")
Drebin: Privatizing the military's made the PMCs big and bloated. And the fatter the PMCs get, the line between civilian and soldier is gonna get real blurry. The whole damn human race is gonna be green collars.
Otacon: Vamp... He's got to be immortal.
Snake: What the hell are these Patriots? Are they human?
Drebin: Not anymore they ain't. They're the law of this world, created over the course of history. The're what holds this world together. Keeps this whole mess in check.
Naomi: Let's go!
Otacon: Sunny was taken by the Patriots right after she was born. She never even met her parents.
Sunny: Snake! This is a non-smoking flight!
Meryl: This is Rat Patrol Team 01. We're with the CID -- one of the bodies investigating PMC activity.
EVA: Very impressive CQC, Snake. Call me Mama. Big Mama.
Snake: Liquid!
Liquid: Brother! It's not over -- not yet! This is the liberty we've won for ourselves! ... Outer Haven.
Naomi: See, Sunny? Us girls have look our best.
Sunny: Her name was Olga.
Naomi: Hm?
Sunny: ... My mother.
Akiba: Drop your weapon!
Snake: You haven't even taken the safety off, rookie.
Akiba: Careful, I'm no rookie. I'm a ten year vet.
Snake: How the hell did you even survive ten years?
Soldier: Who's there?
Akiba: Go away! I'm not done yet!
Soldier: Stop! Stop right there!
Akiba: Get back here!
Drebin: Here they come!

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