MGS4 TGS 2007 Trailer

As promised, check out the newest MGS4 trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2007.

The TGS MGS4 trailer takes a different route than past trailers, giving us more glimpses on the story line and characters and a little less on gameplay and action, which is a nice transition. However, that doesn't mean that all is explained. We all know by now, that Kojima takes pleasure in our "suffering," a trait of an extremely talent storyteller. We first meet Dr. Naomi Hunter with an urgent message to deliver. The camera then shifts to Meryl and her squad showing off the abilities and advantages of nanomachines. Then in comes the monkey...yes, a monkey. Snake meets a gun dealer and quick flash of scenes cut to Eva (aka Big Mama), a flash of Vamp, a little girl known as Sunny, and of course Liquid. A short scene between Naomi and Sunny brings up talk about the little girl's mother...hmmm? And we end the trailer with Johnny (aka Akiba) with his pants down. Phew...talk about a onset of a slew of quick cuts. Ahh, all this talk is definitely not helping all the fans that are ready to pee in their pants (no pun intended ^_^) waiting for that penultimate day in March next year.

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