Heavenly Sword

Woowie! Call me a pessimist, I was seriously skeptic about this title given PS3's 2007 track record. "Heavenly Sword" is heavenly indeed.

If you've seen the number of "anime" videos, then you know the underlying story already. The story is centered around the ancient sword known as Heavenly Sword. Once belonging to a powerful diety, the sword can never be wielded by any mortal lest they succumb to its condition -- to be slowly drained of your life force till there is nothing left. In a time of war, Nariko must embark on a quest for vengeance against the invading army and its king. To do this, she must take up the Heavenly Sword and pay the ultimate price to complete one last mission.

Gameplay is phenonmenal and reminds me a lot of the fluid movements we've seen in "God of War." The cinematic scenes are beautiful and carry great voice dubbing to match. Movement is very diverse and you even get a chance at first-person shooting. "Heavenly Sword" is very well done indeed. It's the only other PS3 game, after "Resistance" of course, that I am swimmingly ecstatic that I picked up. No regrets here.

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