Third Impact Spotlight: Newest Guest Contributor

Great things are brewing here at Third Impact. Recently, we announced the addition of our newest contributor, Sam. She has transitioned here quite nicely, and I'm enjoying every post to date. We'll also be announcing more goodies in the near future, but shhhhh......it's a secret. In the meantime, you may have noticed another voice in Third Impact as of late. And it makes me very ecstatic and proud to announce our latest acquisition in the form of a brand spanking new guest contributor.

Please join me in welcoming Ayu (Anthy incarnate!), another avid Third Impact fan, fellow otaku, and bestie! You'll see Ayu pop in and out of Third Impact and offer her thoughts on the latest in all things Japanese. Wrapping up her Asian studies both in U.S. and our mecca, Japan, you'll no doubt be seeing her short stories and novella published in the future. We at Third Impact feel privileged to snag her first!

When asked to briefly describe herself, here's what she had to say:
"Some say her blood type is coffee. Some say her fingerprints are a ●,■,▲, X and R1 button. Some say she really did graduate from Ohtori Academy. Some say she is majored in Asian Studies in college just so she could get a discount, 4-month trip to Japan to attend a D concert. When she talks about old-school anime, old-school shows become popular new shows.

Her love for Devil May Cry is so great, the devil actually cried. She once wanted to work for Newtype Magazine, but decided contributing to Dead Sea Scrolls 606: Third Impact was a far better place to express her undying love of Japanese pop culture. She isn’t famous at all, but other people want her autograph. She may just be an abnormal twenty-something, but she is… one of the most interesting otaku in the National Capital area.

My fandom may not always get what it wants, but I hope to provide your fandom with a little of what it wants. Third Impact… stay informed my friends."
Check out Ayu's informative posts to date...and more to come!
- L'Arc~en~Ciel's X X X Single
- The Return of Sailor Moon

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Ayu said...

It's really an honor to be a guest contributor to this wonderful blog. I will try my best to provide timely reviews and funny tidbits. Please look after me m(_)m