Junjo Mistake Anime Adaptation

Excuse any typos as I tremble while attempting to type this out.

The December issue of Ciel Tres Tres magazine will be announcing tomorrow, the anime adaptation of Shungiku Nakamura's Junjo Romantica manga spinoff Junjo Mistake!!!! Yes, you heard me.....Junjo Mistake in anime form!!!!

Junjo Mistake takes place ten years before the main Junjo Romantica storyline. It follows Ryuichiro Isaka (senior managing director of Marukawa Publishing, and Haruhiko's childhood friend in the main Romantica storyline), and his assistant Kaoru Asahina. In "Mistake," Isaka aspires to be a novelist, despite his keen abilities on the business realm. Asahina finds himself working for the Isaka family, and becomes something more to Isaka.

Say it with me....A-SA-HI-NA!!!!

(now to re-read for any typos...) [Source: Otakomu]

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