hide Fashion Doll Pre-Order Open!

I'm a girl, so I'm supposed to be hard wired to like dolls, right? You're darn right I am if that doll is modeled after one of my favorite J-ROCK icons of all-time!

Doll company Groove will add hide (the dearly departed X Japan guitarist, solo artist and front man to past bands Zilch and Spread Beaver) to their Taeyang collection on January 31, 2012. The legendary musician's look is designed after his promotional video with Spread Beaver, "ROCKET DIVE". Wearing a faithfully reproduced Parker zipper detail track suit with hoodie (yes, stamped with the hide logo!), the 13" doll features the iconic rocker's pink hair and includes stand and removable yellow tinted sunglasses.

Pre-ordering at the price of $183.00 is now open to all you Speed Freaks at CD Japan and will run until November 7th while supplies last. Adios!

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