L'arc-en-Ciel x Pinky:st Collaboration

What to do about my love affair of Pinky:st figures? Sure they are adorable, and possibilities are endless with their ability to swap accessories, hair, and clothing. Then you have the special collaborations every now and then. My favorite ones from my collection include: the crew from Sky Crawlers, Tokikake, Henrietta's Gunslinger Girl, and of course the Range Murata series. Now, it looks like it's time to add L'arc-en-Ciel into the mix.

BabySue does it again with an adorable collaboration set. The set includes figures of all the band members in one package, each coming with their own base containing the names on it. From the looks of it, several accessories are included with the pack, including 4 different wristbands, a bass for Tetsuya, a guitar for Ken, drumsticks for Yukihiro, and a mic for Hyde (along with an additional arm to hold said mic).

Retailed at 6,500 yen, no street date has been set for its release yet. A special guitar pic featuring Ken in pinky:st form is also available in Japanese music stores (for 105 yen).

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