Dive's Lupin the 3rd PVC Figure

I love seeing old school anime and manga resurface. And this new figure from an old school title, Lupin the 3rd, is no exception.

Dive brings us a totally cute and detailed figure of Lupin driving his signature little yellow car with Jigen popping out of the sun roof, armed and ready to save the princess. The figure is retailed at 4,500 yen and is due out late December. Anyone else seeing a huge ass cliff overlooking a massive ocean as the perfect background for this figure?

Also, Blum is releasing a diecast model of the 1/43 scale Fiat 500F with Lupin standing beside it. This little gem is retailed at 7,000 yen and is due out January 2012.

Grab the Dive and Blum figure at AmiAmi. [Source: Tomopop]

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