Prince of Persia

"Prince of Persia" first made its debut almost 2 decades ago. And since then, it has enchanted players with its compelling story and gameplay. For a game that has never been lacking, Ubisoft made a bold move by revamping the Prince of Persia experience.

If all you're looking for is a challenging game (forget the story, stick with the challenge), then Prince of Persia is NOT the game for you. The game is set up in such a way that you'll never be confronted with a "Game Over" screen. Missed that leap or lost your grip on that ledge? No need to fret - Elika is there to protect you. While you may assume this fact alone dooms the game, perhaps losing that sense of intensity when fighting a boss where you can't die, this is luckily not the case. Once you get past the ease of the game, you can appreciate Prince of Persia for what it is, in short -- an impressive game. An entertaining story, unique gameplay, beautiful visuals, and cool combat moves marks the success of the new addition to the long-standing franchise.

Visuals are exceptional, fluid and very artistic. The titular prince himself is quite entertaining - a wisecrack after riches and really thick carpet. When it comes to allies or partnerships, the second character (especially one that joins us from the start) can sometimes be burdensome, helpless, or just plain annoying at times. However, Elika proves me wrong, as she quickly becomes the highlight of the game - at many points besting the prince as we delve more into her past rather than his. Not only does Elika save him from death, she is a true adventure companion and with the two, you can pull off some very cool combos.

Together, this prince and princess duo seek to imprison the evil god Ahriman, who has been set free by Elika's own father, by restoring a series of fertile grounds. One of impressive aspects of the game is the ease of movement, similar a bit to Assassin's Creed. A novice could easily pick up the controller and perform some acrobatics, while a more expert player can whip out some intricate combos. However, at times the boss fights can seem a bit redundant and getting from one fertile ground to another can feel more like a boring chore.

Despite some minor flaws, Prince of Persia is a winner - in no small part to its beautiful artistry and fluid controls. The level designs are note-worthy to say the least. You'll find yourself instantly drawn to the game.

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