LBP Metal Gear Solid Edition

It's finally coming, the most anticipated LBP pack I've been waiting for turns out to be bigger and even better than I imagined. This is one hell of a huge addition, but before we get down the nitty gritty, check out this video that gives you a taste of what's coming just around the corner. This video is a definite must-see! Metal Gear fans will immediately take notice all the tiny details of the MGS universe.

Alright, finished watching and re-watching the video? Then let's get down to business. We start with the MGS Premium Costume Pack, which not only includes Solid Snake, but the rest of the cast too. Enter Meryl Silverburgh, Screaming Mantis, and Raiden. Individual price is $1.99 though I have no idea who wouldn't get the entire pack for $5.99.

What better way to sport your sackboy's MGS look then with the MGS Level pack. With this hefty pack, you get a new Sackboy costume - the Gurlokovich Solider. Tons of new stickers, materials, decorations, and objects await. Media Molecule and Konami have teamed up to create 5 new Story Levels and 1 new Challenge Level. The experience gets even more authentic with 1 new background music track, 3 new interactive music tracks, 1 new MGS themed sound object, new plasma ball 'danger element,' new laser sight 'gagdet,' new functioning searchlight lamp (for the special exclamation mark moments), and a very cool new weapon - the paintinator.

Can we say, awesome!?! Check out all the details at the Playstation Blog.

The Metal Gear Solid packs will be available in the U.S. playstation store December 23. "The game has changed..."

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ismaelkf said...

OMG!! Raiden is so cute!! I love this trailer!! " The game has changed" hahaha