A Next Metal Gear Is...

A flash site has recently gone live on Konami's Kojima Productions site bearing just a teeny taste - Konami's logo, and the left image with just 5 words, "A NEXT METAL GEAR IS..." With just a few words, a black background, and some green symbols, the deciphering has already commenced. It's interesting to see the slew of comments pouring in with guesses. Even if you try to just wait it out, reading everyone's thoughts makes you just want to jump in and join them.

So what are we working with ladies and gentlemen? Green symbols reminiscent of the Xbox?? An "i" perhaps for the iPhone, of Wii, or even DSi. The exclamation point as shown for Metal Gear AC!D? And as pointed out, the url contains "mgst" - perhaps "Metal Gear Solid Touch?" The slew of Apple products scattered across MGS4 is also brought up to mind. My guess, or perhaps my hope, is that the message confirms/indicates that development of the next Metal Gear game in "on." Ah, how they toy with us, entertained by our torture. What else can we do, but wait...[Source: Kotaku]

UPDATE (12/17/2008): Just as I figured, the next Metal Gear is...Metal Gear Touch.

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