Kurokami Simultaneous Broadcast

Great new things are happening in the realm of anime - with a trend I hope doesn't lose any steam. That is, getting new anime series as quickly as possible. Whether it be through early english-sub only versions months after its original broadcast in Japan or streaming anime episodes online weeks after airing. And now at as a historic first, Bandai Entertainment has been working diligently to broadcast "Kurokami - The Animation" on TV ASAHI at 2:40 a.m. on January 8th in Japan, on ImaginAsian TV January 8th at 8 p.m., and in Korea on AniBOX January 9th at 10PM.

Yep, you read right - a simultaneous anime TV broadcast between Japan, the U.S. and S. Korea! The U.S. broadcast will be the english dubbed version - marking the first ever dub production to be made parallel with the Japanese production. . You can find more information, including the cast list for the dub at Bandai's page.

Kurokami, or better known as Black God "focuses on Keita, a high school student living on his own, lost his mother in his youth. One night at a ramen stand, he meets a mysterious girl named Kuro. Keita is told the story of how if a person runs into another that looks just like them, they would die. From Kuro, Keita learns of the Doppeliner System and the Coexistence Equilibrium and how his life would never be that same afterward." [Source: Japanator]

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