What's Next for Kojima?

The long awaited MGS4 will bring an end to the renowned saga of Solid Snake and the Metal Gear games. But no need to fret, genius Hideo Kojima is hard at work developing the concept for his new game outside the Metal Gear universe. Konami president Fumiaki Tanaka, could not reveal anything more at this point and stated that a formal announcement won't be coming this year, which in all sincerity makes perfect sense.

So what of the MGS movie? ComingSoon.net (via Japanator), is reporting that site reps recently spoke to Metal Gear Solid movie producer Michael De Luca who dropped word on a possible scriptwriter and director -- Kurt Wimmer. His past works include Equilibrium and Ultraviolet. Yeah, sorry, but I'm not sure if I'm impressed. But I'm definitely hoping that with Hideo Kojima executive producing the Metal Gear movie, the saga will be preserved.

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