Blade of the Immortal

After so many years since its manga debut, Hiroaki Samura's "Blade of the Immortal" (Mugen-no-Jūnin) will be getting its television anime premiere this summer in Japan.

Set to play the main character Manji, a ronin swordsman condemned to immortality unless he kills a thousand evil men to compensate for the good men he killed, is Tomozaku Seki (who also played as Van in Escaflowne). Noir's director Mashimo & Bee Train studio are set to animate the new title. ANN has the entire casting listed.

One of the major elements that brings "Blade of the Immortal" above all others is its beautiful "raw" art form. I was curious to see how the unique drawings will be translated on the screen. But the picture from the official website eased my qualms and shows something quite promising.

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