FFVII: Crisis Core

FFVII...the game that shook the gaming industry and has made the FF series and its fanbase what it is today. The little feat of simply transitioning from 2D sprites to 3D marked the start of the RPG revolution. After over a decade, "FFVII: Crisis Core," the prequel to the original RPG classic materializes. Undoubtedly, all FF fans will be picking up this game and with good reason.
"Crisis Core" is set seven years prior to the events of the first FFVII, the Shinra Company is rapidly increasing its influence through its monopoly on mako energy and military might, and is becoming ever powerful. The game focuses primarily on Zack, SOLDIER 2nd class, aspiring for 1st, and his interactions with three other principle characters: Angeal, Genesis, and Sephiroth. Other familiar characters make an appearance, but generally speaking, these four SOLDIER operatives are the highlight of this story.

The story is well developed and maintains the legacy of FFVII quite beautifully. With all the pieces in place, it is hard not to feel nostalgic as a familiar soundtrack plays in the background, as you walk through the lobby of Shinra Headquarters, and as you meet some old faces. Gameplay, for lack of a better word, is perfect for the PSP and on-the-go gaming. "Crisis Core" offers action and realtime battle, similar to the "Kingdom Hearts" battle system. While the side missions may be on the heavy side, it is appropriate for a handheld game. One of the most unique aspect of its battle mechanics is the DMW, or Digital Mind Wave, which enhances the real-time battle system. "Crisis Core" brings innovation to the table and all of its extra elements work to its advantage -- one of which is its use of emails. There is also so much potential for the individual RPG player, especially with the nice amount of leveling up potential.

Loading times can occasionally be a minute too long, but nevertheless it is quite impressive, especially with its beautiful presentation. The cut scenes are of the highest caliber with "Advent Children" quality. The details and expressions are also something to be gawked at. It's no wonder that Square Enix is the leading studio in this realm of computer-generated cinematics.

Yet another fantastic PSP title. First "Chains of Olympus," now "Crisis Core." We're 2 for 2!


david k said...

YEa i have been wanting to play this game for a very long time... o i just wish i had a psp.. damn ......

ismaelkf said...

Yeeeeesss !!Zak My hero !!