Fruits Basket Vol. 19 Preview

TOKYOPOP.com will be hosting a manga free for all this Friday, March 14th. At exactly 19:19 EST, readers will be able to view "Fruits Basket" Volume 19 in its entirety for, you guessed it, 19 minutes. So if you simply cannot wait till the newest volume hits shelves March 18, 2008, set your clocks, cut off any distractions, and read away.

As the Fruits Basket saga continues, the relationship between Tohru and Kyo becomes increasingly complicated, especially since most of the members of the Zodiac seem to look down on him. Tohru comes to the realization that if she wants to save Kyo, she'll have to create some sort of trigger to break his curse. But what, if anything, can cure Kyo?

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