Square Enix Members

The SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS Site officially went live on March 24th. While there isn't a plethora of goodies at the moment, there are some nice features already building up. The site is currently featuring a Q&A with Crisis Core director Hajime Tabata, soundtrack giveaways and some web parts including a Zack Squat Test and Shinra ID generator. Also featured is a creator's roundtable from "The World Ends with You." There's a section for videos and downloads such as wallpapers, and a blog updated daily. Registration is free, and here's hoping that SQUARE ENIX North America will resemble the Japanese counterpart.

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smile said...

Nice to meet you.
The blog that introduced Anime and Manga of Japan was started.

「Japan Animation mania」

"NARUTO""Dragonball""Gundam""Rurouni Kenshin""One Piece""DEATH NOTE"
"Miyazaki anime"etc...

Please come to see at any time.
And, please paste the link.
Moreover, please teach interesting Anime.
It comes ..then...