FFXII Gabranth 1/1 Scale Helm

For the veteran collector and fan of Final Fantasy comes a collectible that's out of this world -- the Final Fantasy XII Artifacts Judge Master Gabranth 1/1 Scale Helm. This replica helmet measures over 14" high and was created from FRP fiberreinforced plastic utilizing the CG data from the game, ensuring a perfectly authentic reproduction of Akihiko Yoshida's elaborate designs. The HELM can be placed on the display stand, which includes a FF12 logo nameplate.

It is set to arrive at the end of July 2008. With pre-orders still open, you can grab this magnificent piece of FF history for 1,000 bucks. Thus far, the cheapest I've seen it for is at $799.99. Judge Master Gabranth never looked more fierce! WOW!

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