Origin: Spirits of the Past

Three hundred years have passed since the Earth shattering, post-apocalyptic event changed the balance between the forest and humans. This riveting movie is eloquently fused with CGI and original animation, and has a soundtrack to match. I was surprised to realize that "Origin: Spirits of the Past" marks Gonzo's first theatrical film release.

The first frames of the movie immediately capture your attention. "Origin" definitely provides entertainment to the very end. Though I wonder how it would've been if the ending went the other way...There's some familiarity to the movie, maybe some remnants of past anime works, but has plenty to stand on its own. The machines/mecha, in CG format, felt out of place, as if forced in the movie to appeal to the mass audience. Fortunately, those elements were not over used.

Just what are the consequences of living in the past? What are the consequences of discarding the past, and living for the present and future? What side will you ultimately choose?

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