Death Note: The Last Name

"Death Note: The Last Name" continues right where we left of during the first live action movie. This sequel picks up at just about volume 3 of the "Death Note" manga and goes through the entire series. I was able to watch it last night, and its effects still haven't left me. It's a battle of wits and cleverness as L and Light/Kira face off. The final climax will reveal who actually has the upper hand and who will be the Last Name written in the Death Note. A second "God" armed with the Death God Eyes meets up with Light as he tries to create his new world and finally rid himself of the meddlesome L.

The film on its own is mediocre in the same aspects of the first movie, but those already versed in the manga or anime will definitely appreciate the movie and be entertained all the way through. I was on the edge of my seat during the second half of the movie, asking myself, will the end of the movie match the conclusion of the manga? This movie is geared more to the fans and delivers.
The opening and closing songs featured songs from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It's an interesting choice, but as a huge fan of Nightmare, I can't help but wish "Alumina" and "the World" took the place of the opening and closing sequences.
Twists and turns, manipulation, and deceit all build up to the final showdown between L and Light/Kira. Just when you thought you understood all, the rules change and the tables turn. Who will prevail in the end? Watch it and find out.

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