Versailles' "Nobel" Official World Broadcast

Versailles' first full length album, Nobel, is due out in Japan in less than 2 weeks. But for those who simply cannot wait, Tainted Reality, is hosting the official world broadcast debut of Nobel on July 10th. The broadcast will begin at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific. During the broadcast, they will air every single song from the album, and will be airing comments from Jasmine, Teru, Yuki, Hizaki, and Kamijo recorded specifically for Tainted Reality.

To hear the broadcast, go to www.taintedreality.net on July 10th at the aforementioned time and click on the "Listen Now" button at the top. It requires Windows Media Player or VLC to listen.

This is sure to be a great treat filled with symphonic metal riffs and it'll be interesting to see where they pick up from "Lyrical Sympathy." The single "The Revenant Choir" remains to be my favorite piece of the japanese rock.

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